Practice from a Place of LOVE.


Photography Art by Fire&Finesse

Photography Art by Fire&Finesse

Let's assume... we don't know everything about everyone's story. 
Let's assume people we know & love and others, we have yet to meet & share love with, have secrets, scars, and/or complicated histories or present situations that impact their world.

Let's assume that just like us, they do not walk around confessing aloud to all of the pain, anguish, frustrations, and obstacles they are facing.                    
Let's assume they hurt just like us, they cry like us, and in turn, they seek comfort, support, and encouragement, and understanding just like us. 

In trying times, in doubt-filled times, in times where there are so many unknowns, may we find the courage to speak from a place of love, acceptance and compassion. 
Silencing the words that cause pain, grief, or manifest fear.  

Making way for Love. Acceptance & Compassion - the most priceless gift to be given. 

Easier said than put into practice? Let see...

TWO WAYS to WATER the POSITIVE TODAY (Right now, even) 

1. Breathe.     No matter what the situation, everything changes in time. And ten seconds of deep, focused breathing can help you keep your cool. ACTIVITY: Inhale through the nose - filling air into the stomach, the lower ribs and then up to the upper ribs & clavicle. Then Exhale through the nose, slowly releasing air from the upper ribs, then the lower ribs, and finally, from the stomach. Repeat a minimum of 3 times. Occupy the mind with the act of inhaling to discover a tall, long spine, wide and expansive through the side body and exhaling deep, releasing tension in the jaw, shoulders and hips, finding a deeper connection to the earth.

2. Give Gratitude.     Life is fast-paced, on-the-go, and demanding. Often traveling from one need to the next, as life is a continual pattern of ups and downs reflecting the vinyasas of life. ACTIVITY: Gather a writing implement & a sheet of paper. Set the timer for 3 mins and write (without stoping) a list of all the things you have to be grateful for. Maybe even starting with the internet & resources that allows you to read this here and now. :). List any and everything - Nothing is too great, too small, or too sentimental. This is a great way to find the ground and your center in the midst of a situation that may feel like chaos and confusion. After three mins look at the page you filled, keep breathing, and trust there is nothing you can't do.

Practice LOVE. Cultivate LOVE. Be LOVE. So Fly. #PracticeDaily

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