Online Training

Train from Home, Office, or On The Road


Online Training

Train from Home, Office, or On The Road

ONLINE YOGA with Fire&Finesse

Group Online Yoga Class & Individual or Partner Yoga Sessions are available now! Train from the comfort of your home or workspace. 

Group Online Yoga Class & Individual or Partner Yoga Sessions are available now! Train from the comfort of your home or workspace. 

Whenever you want, Wherever you are,

Fire&Finesse is available for You.

Online Training is Convenient & Customized, offering access to an Experienced Yoga Instructor there for You. 

Schedule a Session for the Day and Time that works for You – avoiding the commute to & from a group class. 

Set Up in your favorite Space & Connect via WiFi with Fire&Finesse for 60 minutes of Yoga, Designed especially for You,

Your Mind, Body, & Wellness Goals


What Do You Need?


  • Computer with Camera & built-in Microphone
  • FREE account (Individual & Partner Yoga Sessions)
  • FREE Google Hangout (Group Yoga Class)
  • Comfortable Area
  • Yoga Mat & Water
  • Any additional Yoga Props IF available, but NOT necessary
  • (Bloc(s), Strap, Bolster, Blankets…) 


ONLINE YOGA Session includes

  • 60 minute session of yoga
  • Instruction from an Experienced Yoga Instructor
  • CUSTOMIZED YOGA FLOW including Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Modifications that are Implemented as Needed
  • Focus on Form, Function & Breath 
  • Practice at the HOME, OFFICE or ON the ROAD Traveling for Work or Play (wherever WiFi Connection is available)

*Partner sessions are available via Skype. Google Hangout is needed for Group Online Training Classes. 



Interested in learning Yoga from the comfort of your home? Fire&Finesse is elated to offer a Group Online Yoga Class that is accessible via WiFi Connection. Beginners are encouraged to participate. Set up in your favorite spot & prepare to be amazed at how well your body responds to stretching, bending & relaxation. 


on JANUARY 2nd, 2016 11:00AM (Eastern Time)

$10/Person (*Holiday Gift Price) 

Limited Class Size

1. Need Google Hangout & Wifi Connection via Computer

2. Visit GETTING STARTED PAGE & send an EMAIL to REGISTER for Group Online Yoga Class

3. Fire&Finesse will send  PayPal invoice & Once the Payment is Received YOU ARE REGISTERED for Group Online Yoga

4. Email friends, family, or coworkers to participate! 







Yoga is appropriate for all ages, aiding in Natural Realignment, Better Posture & More Relaxation and Ease into your Daily Life.

The goal is to discover a long spine, support this new found posture with a strong core and back, while increasing range of motions in the joints - specifically the Shoulders & Hips most impacted by sitting, standing, or binge watching your favorite episodes for long periods of time.

Fire&Finesse provides a Variety of Yoga Practices

(Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga, & Meditation) that are used to Create a Personalized Experience for You.


PEOPLE that use Online Training are more likely to commit & practice more regularly than students that attend group classes. 

Some of the Benefits of a Committed Online Yoga Practice include

  • One-on-One Attention
  • Ability to Work at a Pace that is best for You. 
  • Guided Flow designed just for what ails you.
  • Modifications are implemented as needed with the Guidance of a Trained Professional.

Some of the benefits of a consistent yoga practice include increased healthy sleep patterns, relief from chronic pain, and tranquility.




Hints for Success?

In order to continue our good works within the world we must take the time to restore & rejuvenate, as it is impossible to give from an empty cup. The following are just suggestions as to how to find your way into a practice that feels personal & fulfilling. You can & will benefit from an online session alone – these are just other means to practicing/expressing your inner calm and love.



  • Take a few minutes to Clear Space of any noise (physical items) that may distract you.  
  • Turn your Phone Off - Submerge yourself in the Present.

(Give yourself permission to have one hour dedicated to your needs.)

  •  If possible, try & set aside some time after class (10-15 mins) for You.



  • Maybe this is the time to indulge in something you love or something you have been meaning to do

Examples include and are not limited to writing, reading, penning letters/poetry, call your grandfather or loved one, practicing an instrument, dancing in your living room, crying, or laying down to take a nap)

  • Drink some Tea or Warm Water with Lemon Juice
  •  Journal or Read
  •  Enjoy the rest of the day Grounded, Full & Expansive