Yoga creates a calm within, serves as a cleansing from the chaos and noise of the world, and provides a balance, a sense of groundedness, so we can continue to do our good works with grace.
— Teniece Divya, Founder of Fire&Finesse

Teniece Divya, Fire&Finesse Instructor - Photography by Fire&Finesse


Meditation, deep breathing, restorative yoga, chair yoga, & vinyasa yoga are available to suit your personal needs and wellness goals.


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Perfect for those that may want more personal instruction than a group class offers. Explore a series of poses in greater depth, or experience a class designed specifically for your body and mind.

Recovering from injury, experiencing any chronic pain (lower back, shoulders & neck), having difficulty with stress or insomnia, or training for an upcoming event? Fire&Finesse can facilitate the best yoga experience for you. 


Prefer to workout with a friend? 

Fire&Finesse offers Partner Yoga practices. 

It is wonderful to share the wealth of health and wellness & pairing up adds to both our joy and accountability in our commitment to invest in ourselves. 


Props for a Restorative Yoga Practice - Photography by Fire&Finesse

Everyone is different and Fire&Finesse Fitness is able to accommodate multiple fitness levels during the same training session so grab a partner and sign up for a pairs training session today. 



Fire&Finesse Fitness offers a variety of Workshops as an opportunity to dive deeper into exploring the practice.

Workshops are designed to provide information on the topic that leads into interactive activities to support the theme, and conclude with a question and answer session, creating a intimate, customized experience to suit the needs of the group. 


Perfect for health & wellness weeks at Colleges/Universities, Athletic Teams, or for Corporations wishing to celebrate Wellness, Employee Appreciation and Stress Relief. 

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Fire&Finesse Fitness facilitates yoga sessions that tones and sculpts the mind, body and spirit, personalized flows for Injury, Rehabilitation, and personal wellness Goals (fatigue, insomnia, restless unquiet minds), yoga for Athletes and Teams, Workshops allowing for a more in-depth, question and answer - session of exploration, including a Hip Hop Yoga Workshop (with DJ in class) and Yoga Basics Workshop where poses and breathing are explored and experienced, in addition to mediation. 

Photography by Fire&Finesse


CLICK to see next UPCOMING YOGA CLASSES, to meet the hosting GYM, and to plan to be there. 

Providing Yoga for everyone, at any age, and any level of fitness - as yoga is more than the physical practice of poses, or asanas. 

Sanskrit meaning 'to yoke', YOGA is the practice of binding or creating union of the body, mind and breath through meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), self study and physical poses. 

Park Yoga Class - Photography by Fire&Finesse

Park Yoga Class - Photography by Fire&Finesse

Fire&Finesse Fitness offers Yoga Classes, Individual, Partner, Small Group Yoga and Yoga Workshops where everyone, any age, or fitness level can experience yoga in a way that enhances the sensational feeling of life in mind, body and being. 

The practice of Yoga is self nurturing with the ability to relieve stress/anxiety, increase healthy sleep patterns and breath work that allows practitioners to experience the world around them with greater ease and sense of expansiveness.

For me, Yoga is an awareness of experiencing that I am all one piece, movement in silence - my body, spirit and heart - the seamless whole.
— Diana, Fire&Finesse Athlete - 60 years old